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16/10/23-21:53 (edited on 16/10/23-22:02)
Another week, another review! This time I am bringing you a product which has completely stolen my heart… mine, and my partner’s, and my son’s as well! I’m talking about the GARNIER BODY SUPERFOOD 48HR HYDRATING GEL-CREAM WITH WATERMELON AND HYALURONIC ACID. This product claims to instantly hydrate skin up to 10 layers deep, and provide hydration for up to 48 hours. Does it do what it claims? Read on to find out! Now, this review is slightly different, because I tested it not only on myself, but also on my partner, whose black skin loses moisture much faster than mine, and on my son, who, like many 9 year old boys, hates bath time and has a sensitive skin type, with many products causing mild irritation. My own body skin is generally normal – not really dry, and not at all sensitive, so we have a good mix of skin types to test this product on. But first, let’s have a look at the ingredients! This moisturiser is water based, with no occlusive silicones present. This instantly tells you that you can expect a light texture, and perhaps this isn’t the right product for very dry skin which generally benefits from heavier, more emollient-rich formulas. On the other hand, it is absolutely perfect for those who dislike heavy formulas that don’t absorb into the skin very quickly! There’s a ton of hydrating glycerin in there, and glycerin, is a fantastic humectant with a small molecular weight, able to penetrate into the skin, and retain moisture in the epidermis by drawing water from the environment. Those who enjoy reading ingredients list might be a bit alarmed to see alcohol denat in there, as it is known for its ability to dry out the skin and cause irritation. Fear not, however, because the formula of this moisturiser is a clever one. The alcohol here acts mostly as a texture enhancer, helping it spread easily. It won’t cause dryness, because those properties are cancelled out by the sea of humectants it is drowned in. Instead, it will help the beneficial ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. It is important to understand that while some ingredients might have a bad reputation, hey can be incredibly effective when used right, in the right amounts, and in the right proportions with other ingredients. One of the star ingredients here is Watermelon Fruit Extract – this is a powerhouse of an ingredient, a fantastic, natural moisturising agent, full of naturally occurring Vitamin A, C and B. Due to its natural Vitamin C content, it helps to brighten the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, and makes the skin looks firmer and younger. Shea Butter is a wonderful natural occlusive which moisturises and smoothens dry skin and eases irritation, while Hyaluronic Acid is another super-humectant, attracting 1000x its own weight in water and trapping all that lovely moisture within the skin’s surface. As you can see, this moisturiser is full of absolutely fantastic, skin-loving ingredients! It has a very light, gel-like texture which spreads like a dream, smells like a bow full of succulent, ripe watermelons, and absorbs with the speed of light. It’s beautifully spreadable and provides a cooling effect as I massage it into the skin. The spreadability means that a little goes a very long way, and considering that you get a good amount in the jar (380ml), it is incredibly efficient. I like to use it on slightly damp skin for best results. On my skin, this moisturiser is an absolute revelation. I love all kinds of moisturisers – light texture to very thick, I am not too fussy, but find this one to be absolutely fantastic and it’s been the one I reach for the most lately, mostly because of how quickly it absorbs. My skin is nicely moisturised, soft and smooth all day long, and the scent lingers for a while, which is a good thing because I absolutely adore it! It’s a fantastic everyday moisturiser for non-problematic skin, and I can see myself using it all year round, perhaps with the exception of the deepest, coldest Winter days, when I might benefit from a bit of extra emollients. My dear Partner shares a lot of my sentiment – he too absolutely loves the fast absorption of this moisturiser, which saves him a lot of time in the morning, and keeps his skin nicely hydrated. He cannot really get away without moisturising – his skin loses moisture relatively quickly and can get pretty dry, which is why he generally prefers heavier formulas. He found that this is his favourite Daytime Moisturiser, one he can massage into his skin incredibly quickly after his morning shower, and can then get dressed pretty much straight away, while at night he applies something a bit more substantial – usually the GARNIER BODY SUPERFOOD COCOA & CERAMIDE, which is much more heavy duty. Now, my son’s skin is more sensitive, and I always have to be careful when introducing a new skincare product, but I am happy to report that this moisturiser made it far far easier and quicker to care for his young skin. He absolutely detests bath time, and tries to wriggle out of all these ablutions given half a chance, because they interfere with his precious playtime, so imagine how much time I’ve spent chasing him around the house with a tub of lotion! I was SO happy to discover that this moisturiser does not cause him any irritation whatsoever, it keeps his skin baby soft and, most importantly, it’s so fast absorbing that he is ready to run off and play again in no time at all! In conclusion, this is a great all-rounder which suits everyone in the family – it might not be perfect as the sole moisturiser for very dry skin, but anyone who prefers a lighter formula which is fast-absorbing and keeps the skin beautifully hydrated without feeling heavy will be absolutely delighted with it. I sure can’t imagine not having it in my body care arsenal – as I type now, I keep getting whiffs of that delicious watermelon, and want to eat my own arm! Definitely worth it.
Garnier Body Superfood Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid 380ml