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12/23/23-16:25 (edited on 12/23/23-16:25)
Garnier Body Superfood Mango & Vitamin C Nutri-Glow Cream This body cream is pretty amazing! I love the fact that it is vegan, cruelty free, and contains ingredients of 97% natural origin. Inside of a fully recyclable tub, with a screw on/off lid, is a generous 380ml amount of product. The labelling contains lots of useful information such as a full list of ingredients. Once opened, I noticed a bright, refreshing, mango scent. It is cream in colour and has a very thick consistency. Made for dry, dull skin, I noticed the cream absorbed very quickly and my skin looked and felt very well moisturised. After the first application I wasnโ€™t sure if it was giving me a glow, so I tried it the next day and was taken by surprise. What I noticed was that once this cream absorbs into the skin and dries down, it leaves a nice, glimmering effect on the skin. Overall I love the natural ingredients, the scent, size and how moisturising it is while giving my skin a visible glow. Therefore I would highly recommend this body cream.
Garnier Body Superfood Mango & Vitamin C Nutri-Glow
Body Superfood Vitamin C & Mango Cream