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I was given the 3 products below for free by the My Garnier Community.Sometimes I have very dry itchy skin after exercise and wanted to look at products to help prevent this.  All 3 claim to give up to 48 hours hydration.The products say they are vegan and cruelty free.Garnier Body Superfood, Moisturising and Soothing Body Cream, Aloe Vera and Magnesium 380mlGarnier Body Superfood Nutri Glow Body Cream Vitamin C and Mango 380ml Garnier Body Superfood, Repairing Body Butter, Cocoa and Ceramide, 380ml PackagingAll come in generous 380ml size plastic round containers  and aim to give moisture according to the skin type.Application After showering I worked it in to my arms,legs ,feet and stomach after a morning shower and onto heels and elbows. All 3 dry off quickly within a couple of minutes.I tested for 9 days and alternated each morning. So I tried each product for a full day 3 times.Texture and SmellThe Aloe Vera and Magnesium felt a lighter white texture but spread well on the skin and has a nice smell and moisturizes the skin well. It can spill quite easily.Aimed at normal to dry skin.The Vitamin C and Mango also felt a nice texture and a faint smell of Mango. It spreads well on the skin and makes it look glowy. Aimed at dull dry skin.The Ceramide and cocoa had the thickest texture and had a lovely cocoa like smell. This gives great coverage to the skin with its butter like feel. Aimed at very dry skin.Results I loved all 3 of them and they all hydrated my skin well and I would happily purchase. My favourite was the Ceramide and Cocoa one as that gave the most moisture to my skin,but they were all good.
I was given the 3 products below for free by the My Garnier