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If there's one thing we all need, it's a great body lotion! Let's take a close look at the GARNIER INTENSIVE 7 DAYS SHEA BUTTER 24H REPLENISHING LOTION I picked this one up on a whim. I need a nice moisturising lotion for the days when I'm not using my SUMMER BODY gradual tanning lotion, you see. So I bought this. It was also on offer, so a bit of a no brainer. A whopping 400ml of product will last me a long time too! I've been using this for a good two or three weeks now, and I feel ready to share my thoughts! First of all, consistency. It's a nice white colour and really quite runny, so at first I thought it wouldn't be all that moisturising, even if it says it's for very dry skin. I usually associate very thick and creamy products with very dry skin, which is where the ingenuity lies - in Summer months, if you have very dry skin, you still need the moisture but a thicker product might just feel too heavy and uncomfortable! So a runny, fast absorbing one that still delivers the desired intense moisturising effect would be a total game changer, right? Well, right! This lovely little number achieves this perfectly. It's runny, and increadibly, INCREDIBLY spreadable, so a little goes a very long way. It absorbs in seconds, so no standing around naked as the day I was born waiting to put my clothes on (which is great when you're in a rush!) Basically, rub and go. It is mineral oil based, and mineral oil is any dry skin's best friend forever. It's an absolutely fantastic occlusive ingredient which creates a thin film on top of the skin's surface, trapping moisture underneath. Dry skin NEEDS occlusives to keep that moisture so don't be afraid of the synethic ingredient - it's an absolute powerhouse of an ingredient, and it's non-reactive, meaning that even people with sensitive skin will feel its benefits without risking an allergy flareup. Mineral Oil is used even in prescription products for people suffering with eczema/psoriasis, so yes, it's THAT good. We also have a star-studded cast of moisturising and emollient ingredients in here. Glycerin, which is a powerful humectant with the ability to absorb into the skin's surface and draw moisture there, olive oil with its amazing moisturising and protective properties, and shea butter, which leaves your skin baby soft. This is an absolute powerhouse formula for anyone suffering with very dry skin. My skin isn't even Very dry, but my boyfriend's is, and he uses this product twice a day, which keeps his skin lovely and smooth and glowing. His skin loses moisture much faster than mine, so he was ever so glad to have found something black skin friendly. As for me, I am just beyond glad to have found something that is so light in texture, but so very moisturising, and most importantly, lazy girl friendly because of how rapidly it absorbs!
Intensive 7 Days Lotion Shea Butter