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I’ve been picked to test these 3 garnier body superfood body creams. Each of them has a different texture and smell. They also differ in ingredients and purpose.Mango has a creamy, more thick texture. It’s white in colour and smells so delicious. It quickly absorbs into the skin, and leaves it smooth and moisturized. Smell on the skin is long lasting and won’t change. It gives immediate relief for a dry skin, and keeps it smooth for a long time. It contains mango and vit C which helps brighten the skin, nourish it and leaves it glowy. Cocoa one is my favourite. It smells like chocolate, I love smelling delicious. It texture is more thick than mango, but it’s glides easily on the skin. It absorbs quickly and didn’t leave any sticky layer. It was very comfortable to wear, and I felt happy. My skin felt moisturised and smooth. It contains cocoa and ceramide, which helps repair the skin, love that. Aloe vera is like a watery gel texture, most thin of the three of them, I love how quick it absorbs into the skin, didn’t need much product to cover my whole body. It smells amazing in a tub, and on the skin but the smell wasn’t long lasting, after a while I couldn’t smell it unfortunately. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. It’s for a normal to dry skin and contains aloe vera and magnesium to moisturise the skin All of these three cream are care for my skin, smells amazing, I couldn’t have just pick one, it would be a hard choose, each of them is incredible, helps my dry skin look and feel better, it’s mostly made of natural ingredients and it’s vegan. Love this range.
I’ve been picked to test these 3 garnier body superfood body
Body Superfood Vitamin C & Mango Cream
Body Care Garnier Body Superfood Cocoa & Ceramide
Body Care Garnier Body Superfood Aloe Vera & Magnesium