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My BEST beauty buys that undoubtedly have given my a 5 star routine!! Firtly, Garnier honey treasures shampoo and conditioner. My hair is at its best quality and looks when using these ❤️ When budget allows, im looking at getting the leave in conditioner and honey hair serum too Next would be the body lotions! The body superfoods are so hydrating, so healthy for the skin and the scents are incredible!! Im hoping to invest in one of each scent in future! These are truly addictive you have been warned 😍 The honey treasures body lotion is also a must have to go along with the hair range 💗 Garnier face masks have changed my skin in the most positive way! I never glow more than the day after a garnier face mask, so cooling, refreshing and hydrating. I'll NEVER look back 🤩 Hope someone takes inspiration from my wonderful experience from my favourite products Next on the Wishlist is to widen my skincare range!!
Honey Strengthening Shampoo
Honey Strengthening Conditioner
Body Superfood and Hydra Sensitive Body Cream and Oat Milk & Probiotic Derived Fractions
Self-Care Collection Gift Set