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My review for the hair serum I was sent this to try and I
My review for the hair serum I was sent this to try and I was so excited, as my hair is very dry, with split ends and overall in pretty bad condition. Instructions were: Begin by shaking the product and dispensing 1/2 pump into your hands. If you have thicker and/or longer hair, feel free to use more if necessary. Apply the serum evenly to damp or dry hair, with a focus on the ends. No need to rinse. Proceed to style your hair as usual. I followed these, using 1 pump of the product as my hair is quite long although quite fine, and it looked fabulous afterwards. Soft, smooth and generally feeling and looking great. Unfortunately, it didn't stay like that for long, and next day I was having to wash my hair again, as it was limp and oily looking, as though it hadn't been washed for over a week. I tried it again with less of the product, in case I had used too much, but it was just the same, next day I was washing it again. I decided this product just wasn't for me or suitable for my hair any way and haven't used it since. Which is a shame as I normally love Garnier products, it's not very often I find one unsuitable to me. It says on the bottle it's non sticky and non greasy, but it was for me. It also says it makes hair up to 6 x smoother, which it did, my hair felt really smooth for a day. Also it says it reduces up to 94% of split ends, but I didn't try it for long enough to find out, it certainly didn't the two times I tried it but I wouldn't really expect it to that soon. I was quite disappointed with this product and I wouldn't buy it again but this is just my own experience and I do believe lots of others have tried it with great results.
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