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๐Ÿ–คI kindly received this bundle from @garnieruk as a part of the garnier community. ๐Ÿ–คThis bundle contains three products. Main ingredients are all natural the charcoal and black seed oil, activated charcoal is a spectacular hair cleanser with the capacity to absorb up to one hundred times its weight in dirt.Not only can charcoal help improve hair growth with its detoxifying properties, but it can also help promote a healthier scalp while helping keep your head free of product build-up. Black seeds are considered a magical seed that has a cure for all illnesses and health issues. It has the ability to promote hair growth, and black seed oil may also be able to reduce hair loss too. ๐Ÿ–คGarnier Ultimate Blends Charcoal Shampoo๐Ÿ–ค Garnier Ultimate Blends Balancing Shampoo is formulated with Charcoal & Black Seed Oil. The good thing is that it is silicone-free shampoo, mostly infused with natural ingredients.This shampoo has nice packaging, the shampoo is black in colour and has a very nice scent, which may some one finds over whelming. The shampoo is smooth and lethers well with water, I felt that this shampoo does give my hair deep, cleansing, and removal of all kinds of sebum and build up dirt and derbis.I used it twice and I am really impressed. ๐Ÿ–คGarnier Ultimate Blends Charcoal Conditioner. Garnier Ultimate Blends Balancing Conditioner with Charcoal & Black Seed Oil, the conditioner do go well together with the shampoo, the nourishing ingredients make my hair soft and smooth, my hair are falls in curly hairs that usually look frizzy after drying up, with no lustre or shine, but this conditioner is amazing and I can see some happy bouncy curls after drying. ๐Ÿ–ค Garnier Ultimate Blends Balancing Hair Mask This silicone-free hair masks all natural ingredients. It is developed to bring balance to scalp and hair. Nice creamy consistency, easy to apply, and rinse. I applied the mask as instructed, left it for a minute, and washed it off. It was a great quick remedy for lifless and rough hair. This mask can also be used as a leave-in mask.I am very impressed with the results and continue using it. Thanks@garnieruk, for this opportunity.#mygarniercommunity.
Charcoal Hair Mask
Charcoal Conditioner