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04/26/24-13:28 (edited on 04/26/24-13:30)
Garnier Body SuperFood Avocado Oil - consists of 97% natural ingredients. Contains shea butter, soybean and sunflower oil, rosemary extract and, of course, avocado oil. Most of my skin is not dry, but normal. But various factors (sunburn, insufficient amount of water , hard tap water) worsen the condition. That's why I always have several moisturizers in my arsenal. One of the effective ones is the Garnier Avocado Oil cream. The creamy, light texture is easily distributed over the skin, leaving an oily finish due to many oils. The tool does not leave streaks and does not require long rubbing. The light finish lasts long enough, even an hour later, and personally I don't feel uncomfortable. But of course it is better to wait a little and get dressed later. In the morning, the skin is silky and moisturized. In the line of "superfoods" for the body of Garnier there are five more, designed for different needs of the skin and with different components. I really want to try them all ๐Ÿ˜…
Garnier Body Superfood Avocado & Omega 6 380ml