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19/04/24-13:16 (edited on 20/04/24-15:13)
Let me tell you about how much I *LOVE* the new Garnier silicone free rice water hair care range... The first thing I noticed was the lilac colour which matches my favourite gym outfit (see video!). After continually telling my husband how thrilled I am with this new find (to his complete disinterest ๐Ÿ˜‚!) I thought where better to share this than with #mygarniercommunity So for context, I have long straight natural (uncoloured) mid-brown hair, reaching just above my waist. My search for a new hair care routine began because I was getting frustrated with my hair looking dull and lifeless, and dry at the ends.  The only way I could keep my hair looking somewhat silky was using a ton of hair oil daily which made my hair heavy and have a slightly tacky texture. I'd nearly given up and succumbed to wearing my hair up every day until I stumbled across some articles on silicone in hair products.  I realised I fell in the category of hair types that are prone to silicone build up, causing lifeless and dry hair. I thought I would try the new silicone free rice water range and I am honestly thrilled.  My hair has never felt softer, it's silky smooth and smells lovely. My hair feels lighter and looks nourished. The days of dull dry ends have gone and I'm also finding that I don't need to wash my hair as often as it doesn't seem to be getting as greasy.  I'd love to hear others' thoughts on this new range and also thoughts on the other Garnier silicone free products, I'm planning on trying the charcoal set next.  Have a great day all! #mygarniercommunity 
Smooth & Shine Rice Water Conditioner