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Lore Lorena
Thank you so much for this opportunity Feeling blessed
Thank you so much for this opportunity  Feeling blessed
My hair is so dry and damaged any idea what to use
Obsessed with the smell and result of this product. Reminds me of those foam bananas you eat as a kid!
Which of the Garnier hair masks would you recommened for curly hair? My hair adores moisture .. but I also like a hair mask that smells great too! 😂
I use all these products for my hair and they are amazing .Garnier products are the best. Never disappointed
I use all these products for my hair and they are amazing
Can't believe I've been choosen to test the Garnier Ultimate Blends Charcoal & Black Seed Oil Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Remedy. Cant wait to test this out and leave some feedback 
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New year’s resolutions aren’t always the easiest to keep but knowing you’re only a few habits away from transforming your locks might just be the incentive you need to finally tick them all off. so, grab a pen and paper and let’s make some haircare resolutions you’ll want to stick to. new hair, new you!DON'T NEGLECT YOUR SCALPTaking care of your scalp is essential for healthy hair growth, preventing dandruff, and balancing sebum production. it doesn’t have to be a whole new step in your haircare routine either.Keep your hair clean and your scalp healthy .EAT A BALANCED DIETour hair is mostly made up of a protein called keratin which is naturally produced by the body. for it to produce enough keratin for healthy hair, we need to eat a good amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. bon appétit.DITCH THE HARSH INGREDIENTSRepeat  after us: “my hair deserves better”. here at alott we prioritise clean, naturally derived ingredients without parabens, SLS, silicones, artificial colours or fragrances.ALWAYS REMEMBER TO USE CONDITIONERconditioner isn’t the optional haircare step most people think it is. when we wash our hair with warm water, the hair cuticles raise and let moisture escape. we need conditioners rich in moisturising ingredients to rehydrate the hair afterwards, preventing it from becoming brittle, reducing breakage and split ends.TURN DOWN THE WATER TEMPERATURE WHEN WASHING YOUR HAIRdid you know that the temperature at which you wash your hair can affect its overall health? the hotter the water, the more moisture will be stripped. lowering the temperature even slightly will make a difference, but if you’re after more life-altering results, dial it back to lukewarm. and if you can brave it, we recommend blasting your hair with cold water when you’re done to help close the hair cuticles.PROTECT YOUR HAIR WHEN USING HOT TOOLSlook out for your hair when using hot styling tools by applying a heat protector first. heat strips the hair of moisture and damages the hair shaft, but with a heat protector, you can create a barrier between the heat and your hair to minimise the damage.for those much-needed days off from hot styling tools, create effortless.EXPERIMENT WITH A NEW HAIRSTYLEyou might love what you’ve got going on at the top of your head right now, but it was once just a new hairstyle that you were trying out. alott matte hair clay is extremely versatile and lets you experiment with everything from textured quiffs to middle parts whilst adding volume and definition.MAKE MORE CONSCIOUS CHOICESyou don’t need to throw out your entire haircare collection for this New Year’s resolution, that wouldn’t be very sustainable of you. 
New year’s resolutions aren’t always the easiest to keep but
What products do you girls recommend for dry damaged coloured hair?